What happens when Altair's
engineering experts &
simulation technologies
set their sights on public transportation?
An ultra-lightweight,
hybrid propulsion bus with
2X the fuel economy
at lower lifecycle cost!
The most
hybrid bus
ever designed

Advisory Board

Mission: The BUSolution Advisory Board provides guidance and input to the BUSolutions technical team on matters regarding the viability, usefulness, and desirability of design innovations that will potentially yield reduced cost of ownership, while also enhancing the experience of the passenger community.

Current Advisory Board Members:

Marcel Belanger
General Engineer/Program Manager
Federal Transit Administration
Washington, DC 20590

Jim Fetzer
Deputy General Manager of Operations
SMART - Central Office
Detroit, MI

Ed Kravitz
Powell, OH

Mike Liptak
Technical Services Specialist for Maintenance Operations
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)
Houston, TX

Daniel D. Morrill
Midwest Bus Corporation
Owosso, MI

Transportation Riders United (Non-Technical)
Detroit, MI

Operating Savings of
Per Year
Per Vehicle
15% Lighter
Than Other Hybrids
10% Lighter
Than Conventional Buses
World's First
Series Hybrid
Hydraulic Bus