What happens when Altair's
engineering experts &
simulation technologies
set their sights on public transportation?
An ultra-lightweight,
hybrid propulsion bus with
2X the fuel economy
at lower lifecycle cost!
The most
hybrid bus
ever designed

Lightweight Design

The BUSolutions LCO-140H is the lightest comparable sized bus in the industry and as lighter vehicles take less energy to move, a lightweight bus has considerable fuel efficiency benefits over traditional platforms.

Design Optimization

When developing the LCO-140H, Altair ProductDesign implemented a ‘simulation-driven design’ process, in which advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) and simulation technologies were employed at the start of the design process to guide a weight optimized design. Being the industry leader in developing these optimization technologies, Altair’s HyperWorks suite of tools was leveraged to accomplish these goals.

Optimization techniques were used to rapidly explore multiple design variations and suggest the ideal layout of structural material. This process gave invaluable insight to the engineers, who used the analysis results to form a weight and performance optimized structure very early on in the design process.


Altair ProductDesign’s design optimization approached allowed the team to utilize lightweight materials throughout the bus while ensuring that each component was robust enough to withstand high mileage and harsh use conditions.

For example, an all-aluminium frame was designed and constructed by Altair as a lightweight alternative to traditional steel based bus platforms. Furthermore, the LCO-140H incorporates thin profile seats, composite stanchions and balsa core flooring and roof material among a host of other weight saving innovations.

Combining Altair’s creativity and materials knowledge with intelligent simulation technologies adds up to a bus that is 15% lighter than any other hybrid bus and 10% lighter than any conventional diesel transit bus.
Lightweight Bus

Operating Savings of
Per Year
Per Vehicle
15% Lighter
Than Other Hybrids
10% Lighter
Than Conventional Buses
World's First
Series Hybrid
Hydraulic Bus