What happens when Altair's
engineering experts &
simulation technologies
set their sights on public transportation?
An ultra-lightweight,
hybrid propulsion bus with
2X the fuel economy
at lower lifecycle cost!
The most
hybrid bus
ever designed

Series Hydraulic Hybrid Drivetrain

Unlike electric hybrid technology, the LCO-140H uses hydraulic pressure instead of electricity to propel the vehicle. Through combination hydraulic pump/motor units, it captures braking energy to pressurize fluid, which is then re-used to accelerate the bus. The engine runs only on demand and has periods when it is off and the bus relies solely on the stored hydraulic pressure for propulsion.

Compared to the database of buses tested at Altoona, Penn., where the FTA certification program is run, The LCO-140H was determined to be more than twice as fuel efficient as the average conventional bus — delivering 110% more miles per gallon.

Compared to today’s best diesel-electric hybrid bus, LCO-140H offers 30% better mileage and 30% lower cost of ownership.
Series Hydraulic Hybrid Drivetrain

Operating Savings of
Per Year
Per Vehicle
15% Lighter
Than Other Hybrids
10% Lighter
Than Conventional Buses
World's First
Series Hybrid
Hydraulic Bus