What happens when Altair's
engineering experts &
simulation technologies
set their sights on public transportation?
An ultra-lightweight,
hybrid propulsion bus with
2X the fuel economy
at lower lifecycle cost!
The most
hybrid bus
ever designed
Altair BUSolutions Video Screenshot

The most fuel efficient hybrid bus ever designed.

The BUSolutions project is a public-private advanced bus development initiative, created by Altair to address the needs of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and regional transit authorities.

In response to increasing fuel costs and emissions legislation, Altair ProductDesign, along with its development partners, delivered the LCO-140H, a modern bus platform with twice the fuel efficiency of a standard diesel vehicle and a 30% improvement over current electric vehicles.

Simply put, the LCO-140H is the lowest cost of ownership, most fuel-efficient hybrid bus ever designed.

Operating Savings of
Per Year
Per Vehicle
15% Lighter
Than Other Hybrids
10% Lighter
Than Conventional Buses
World's First
Series Hybrid
Hydraulic Bus